Apple Provides Updated Look at Next-Generation CarPlay at WWDC 2024


Apple has offered an updated glimpse of its forthcoming next-generation CarPlay system at WWDC 2024. The company has shared several coding sessions related to the system ahead of its anticipated launch later this year. These sessions include numerous updated images showcasing the new Vehicle, Media, and Climate apps in operation for the first time. It’s worth noting that MacRumors had previously uncovered hints of these apps in the iOS 17.4 beta.

The next-generation CarPlay is set to be highly customizable, allowing car manufacturers to tailor the system’s design to suit their vehicles uniquely. Apple has revealed various design options and layouts that will be possible, as illustrated below. Other images offer a closer look at the Vehicle and Climate apps, which will house vehicle settings and climate controls, respectively.

Moreover, the next-generation CarPlay will enable automakers to display custom alerts related to an electric vehicle’s charging status, available software updates for the vehicle, and more. Additionally, it will feature rear-camera integration, as demonstrated below.

Although Apple’s website maintains that the first vehicles equipped with next-generation CarPlay will debut in 2024, the company has yet to provide a more specific timeframe. Furthermore, no timing-related updates were provided in the WWDC coding sessions. Aston Martin and Porsche had previously offered previews of next-generation CarPlay vehicle designs towards the end of last year.

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