Netflix Discontinues Support for Older Apple TV Models


Netflix has announced that it will stop supporting older Apple TV models from 7/31. The streaming giant cited the need to “maintain the best possible Netflix experience” for devices that can support the latest features and updates, according to Mac rumors.

The models affected are the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple Tv. Both models work with early versions of iOS prior to tvOS, and because there is no App Store, Apple has classified the device as obsolete. As a result, they no longer receive updates.

The former device was released in 2010 and features an A4 chip and offers a resolution of up to 720p. Apple sold this model until 2012, when it was replaced by the 5th generation Apple TV with a 1080p chip and 3p support.

The news that Netflix has stopped supporting older Apple TV devices comes months after reports that another series of price increases are expected in 2024. The streaming service last raised its price in 2023-10, raising the base plan fromー9.99 toー11.99.

Netflix will continue to be accessible on Apple TV HD (4th generation models) and Apple TV4K models. In addition to upgrading to a new Apple TV device, Netflix recommends switching to a compatible smart TV or Roku device.

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