Apple’s Embrace of AI Reportedly Spurred by Craig Federighi’s Trial of Microsoft Coding Tool


The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s intensified focus on artificial intelligence in iOS 18 was influenced by an experience Craig Federighi, Apple’s software chief, had with GitHub Copilot, a coding tool from Microsoft-owned GitHub. Federighi reportedly became an AI enthusiast after experimenting with Copilot, which leverages OpenAI technology to aid programmers in writing, debugging, and translating code across various programming languages.

Following his exploration of GitHub Copilot in December 2022, Federighi expressed newfound appreciation for generative AI. He then tasked Apple’s engineering teams with devising innovative ways to integrate AI capabilities into the company’s apps and services. Earlier speculations had hinted at Apple’s intentions to infuse AI into numerous apps with iOS 18 and future updates.

Apple has since ramped up its internal development of generative AI, even enlisting former Apple Car employees to contribute to the endeavor. The company has also engaged in discussions with OpenAI and Google, indicating its reliance on a combination of internal AI models and external partnerships.

Reports on features expected in iOS 18 suggest that Federighi’s efforts to integrate AI into the operating system have been fruitful. Apple is purportedly planning to introduce AI enhancements to Messages, Mail, Photos, and other core apps. Siri is also slated for an overhaul with generative AI, promising a smarter and more capable virtual assistant.

For a comprehensive overview of all rumored features in iOS 18, refer to our roundup.

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