The Best Murder Mystery Games of 2024: Top Picks for Virtual Fun


From crime solving to detective investigation, there are virtually many different types of murder mystery games to play. Here are our top virtual murder mysteries to enjoy with the remote team.

  1. Mardle Mardle

A TEAM THAT ABSOLUTELY LOVES THE MYSTERY OF MURDER SHOULD CHECK OUT MURDLE, AS IT IS UPDATED DAILY. G.T.Gerber is leading the project. Gerber uses Moriarty’s own algorithm to plan each murder. Puzzles increase in difficulty throughout the week. Saturday is the hardest puzzle, while Sunday is the biggest puzzle. Puzzles require only good note-taking and survey skills.

The player starts by turning the card. The card reveals information about suspects, weapons, and locations. Under the card, the reader will find a list of clues and evidence. As players go through the evidence, they can use the scorecard on the side to track the theory. Finally, participants guess who, how and where the murder occurred. Best of all, fans can buy books containing more than 100 murders each and feature stories to connect them all.

  1. Roller Disco Disaster

Fans of the 70s will have an explosion during the roller disco disaster. This game will send your team back in time to the local roller disco spot, death by disco. The perpetrator, however, too literally takes this name and shoots a police officer during a fire alarm. Your team must work together to find the shooter’s identity and solve the crime.

This game set comes with a guide for 14 characters, host, detective, ballot, and costume. In addition, the kit includes audio playback files, evidence files and even invitations. The game works with any conference software, and the length of the activity depends on the number of players.

  1. you die only once.

The team can become the hero of James Bond if you die only once. The mystery of this murder takes place at the end of the Cold War. Evil ringleaders and intelligence agencies alike gather to discuss the truce. But before the negotiations began, the body of Roger Damsel was found. The player must determine whether the cause of this MI6 agent’s death is a spy or a villain.

Red Herring game is a great choice when searching for printable murder mystery games. The company offers this mystery to 6 to 20 players. For an additional fee, you can hire 1 of the company’s hosts to run the game for you. The set includes character booklets, invitations and envelopes, complete instructions with a hosting guide, and suggestions for themes and recipes. In addition, the inspector script is available as an MP3 file or video.

  1. Detective Club murder

This free murder mystery game is a unique take on this activity. Ruth Ware has written several mystery novels, including a game of lying with a woman in Cabin 10. For a fun way for readers to interact with her book, Ware created a free murder mystery game on her website.

The players of Detective Club Murder are all members of the elite crime writing group. The club meets for their 50th anniversary, but the writer Sir Aubrey St. Clair is stung by his studies. The team must work together to find the culprit, so that it could be one of them.

The site has a character pack for each player, a host pack for the leader, and a series of Murder Mystery badges. In addition, the ware recorded several video introductions to help set up the scene. With 8 possible endings, the team loves to discover the truth of the detective club murder.

  1. Cold Case Co., Ltd.

For a more unique take on the online crime solving game, consider Cold Case Inc. The company creates detailed fictional cold cases that the team can solve together. The package includes crime scene photos, witness statements, audio recordings and video footage.

Here are the available games to choose from:

The Mystery of Stonewood: The case follows the murder of Emily Williams, a teenager from a small English village.

Dying Summer: Construction company owner Neil Collins is murdered and the player must investigate a large list of suspects. Elite Grand Enigma: Isabella Novakova, a famous socialite, dies under mysterious circumstances.

The game contains lots of suspects, clues and red herring to keep players on their toes.

  1. 5 minutes Mystery

If your team is interested in short online murder mystery games, consider checking out the 5 minute mystery. The site publishes 2 new mysteries a week, so there are always new murders to solve. The team will find clues, look for solutions and solve the case.

1 example of the mystery available is the missing dagger. In this case, lifelong friends from middle school discuss deadly and beautiful bejeweled daggers.

To play games on this site, a team member must create a free account. Then people can join or create leagues. Best of all, players can even write their own stories and submit them to the site. The 5 minute Riddle also has a leaderboard to track the top players.

  1. pirates, looters, murderers.

Employees can put their eye patches and peg legs on during this swashbuckling adventure. Piracy, looting and murder take place at Port Plander in 1715. A group of pirates and captives crash land in the harbor while following a treasure map to the Kraken crown. Pirates soon find their captain, Billy Brad, stabbed in the Cutlass. In addition, there is no treasure map. The team must solve both mysteries before the hook-handed Hull comes looking for a map.

Teams from 6 to 14 can play this game together. The kit includes host descriptions, character booklets and themed party invitations. What’s more, this set has plenty of clues to keep players on their toes. Consider this mystery for an adventure on the high seas.

  1. the biggest murder.

This circus-themed murder will keep the team on their toes. In this adventure, the player is a circus worker who is celebrating the end of a successful show. When the performers hold a party, tensions rise and some arguments break out. By the end of the night, one of the Burnham brothers will die. The player must decide who the killer is and whether that particular Burnham was the real target.

The game lasts from 1 and a half hours to 3 and a half hours and can accommodate up to 20 players. With this kit, the host can also play with it. The downloadable set features a host guide, detective audio files, and evidence packs. The host will also receive character booklets, game ballots, costume suggestions and game invitations.

  1. murder at mcgrove manor.

This murder mystery is combined with an escape room for ultimate team building fun. In this double murder, Augustus Madgrove and his wife Edna were killed at the grand party they were hosting. Only the best social members were invited to the party, leaving the people of the town on the edge about the identity of the murderer. Detectives discover cryptic clues in nine different rooms in the hope that they will lead to a murderer.

The player must solve the puzzle in each of the 9 rooms to escape. In addition, the game features a final puzzle that reveals the killer. Players can join from any device, and the game also has a digital notepad. The team can simply join from a single link and solve the mystery.

  1. The Disappearance of Kitty Wake

In the mystery of these two crimes, the murder takes place in Fornton, which inspires detectives to resume the missing persons case of Kitty Wake. Players have to look at evidence from 2 years ago and today to see if the two cases are connected. In addition, participants will have to question the suspect, and the questions asked will change what they learn.

The story spans 4 days in the game, so teams can play the entire game at once or play with space. Players can work together via zoom and see which of the six suspects committed a modern-day murder.

Check out the disappearance of Kitty Wake.

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