PS5 Slim vs. Regular: Exploring the Differences


Sony’s latest PS5 Slim model has sparked curiosity among gamers, eager to discern how this sleeker console differs from its bulkier predecessor. Let’s delve into the key disparities between the two.

Size Matters

Size has been a focal point of discussion, with many gamers applauding Sony’s decision to address the bulky design of the original PS5. The new PS5 Slim is noticeably smaller than its predecessor, with dimensions reflecting a significant reduction in total volume. Despite this improvement, comparisons with the Xbox Series X reveal that both new PS5 models remain substantial in size.

Horsepower and Storage

Internally, both new PS5 models boast the same capabilities as the originals. Games will run identically across all PS5 consoles, ensuring a consistent gaming experience. However, the new models offer an internal storage upgrade, with a full 1TB of built-in space compared to the original’s 825GB.

Disc Drive

Similar to the launch of the original PS5, there are two versions of the PS5 Slim: one with a built-in disc drive and one without. Interestingly, the digital-only model can be upgraded with an optional detachable disc drive, priced at $79.99.


Despite the enhancements, Sony has opted not to reduce the prices of the new PS5 models. The PS5 Slim with a disc drive remains at $499, while the digital-only version is priced at $449 — a $50 increase over the original digital-only console.

In conclusion, while the digital-only PS5 Slim offers a cost-effective option, the overall pricing strategy has left some consumers scratching their heads. If you’re eyeing a PS5 at the $399 price point, it’s advisable to make your purchase sooner rather than later, as the new slim models are set to replace the existing stock once sold out.

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