A MegaCup Sport Planet to Raise Awareness Among Youth about the Megots Menace


On April 6th, the HexaCup association organized the MegaCup, with the aim of breaking the world record for picking up cigarette butts. A total of 700 young people mobilized in 20 cities and collected 600,000 cigarette butts.

On April 6th, HexaCup organized the MegaCup Sport Planet, a national event for picking up cigarette butts. The goal? To break the world record held by the influencer InoxTag, who had managed to mobilize 1,166 people and collect more than a million cigarette butts.

In total, 700 young people mobilized in 20 French cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, and more) for 2 hours, collecting a total of 600,000 cigarette butts. Beyond cleaning the streets, the event aimed to raise awareness among young people about pollution and encourage them to act for environmental protection. The event was also supported by 15 associations, present during these clean-ups such as Unis-Cité, Trail Runner Foundation, and Objectif Zéro Plastique.

“Next year, we’ll do it again, and we’ll beat InoxTag’s record!” revealed Guillaume Cazcarra, president of HexaCup, with ambition.

A success demonstrating youth engagement The mobilization of these 700 young people during the MegaCup Sport Planet demonstrates their awareness of environmental issues. They are increasingly eager to get involved and act for a more sustainable future. Initiatives like the MegaCup allow them to mobilize concretely. “Taking advantage of the number of players to carry out more impactful ecological and sporting actions by rewarding the most environmentally committed teams is HexaCup’s mission,” continues its founder.

Created in 2020, this association aims to make sports, especially football, more accessible and to raise awareness among young people about environmental issues. “Sport is a means to push young people to engage,” says its president, Guillaume Cazcarra.

The idea is simple: just create a team on the app and compete against other teams. The matches take place in public places, in a cheerful and sportsmanlike atmosphere, also fostering social connections. To participate in these tournaments, young people must take part in an eco-responsible action. In just a few years, HexaCup has been hugely successful. The association now has thousands of members across France and organizes events in many cities.

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